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Medical professionals insisted that DES was safe for pregnant women until they discovered many years later, that women whose mothers took DES suffered from very high rates of cervical cancer.

The authors of the Cancer Research study concluded, the use of soy-based infant formulas in the absence of medical necessity and the marketing of soy products designed to appeal to children should be closely examined."

A policy statement of the Royal College of Australian Physicians includes their comments about soy formulas. They concur about the dangers of soy infant formula. The rationale for the use of soy formula has been the assumption that soy protein is less allergic than cows' milk. But this is not the case. Soy protein can cause intolerance reactions with gastrointestinal symptoms as well as acute allergic reactions. In fact, up to 40 percent of infants intolerant of cow's milk also develop soy protein intolerance. Soy can cause a loss of vitamins, minerals and trace elements from the gut. High aluminum content has also been documented in soy formula. It has over 1000 percent more aluminum than conventional milk-based formulas. Infants fed soy formula also had lower levels of antibodies in response to routine immunizations and more infections than those fed human milk or cow's milk formula, leading to compromised immunity.