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The Revd Evelyn Davies's story-When she went into hospital to have a small, 'probably benign', lump removed in 1986, Evelyn Davies - then aged forty-six-had no idea how it would change the focus of her life. Evelyn, previously a teacher and now a trained counsellor, psychologist and vicar, runs the busy Melangell Centre for cancer patients in mid-Wales.

So convinced was she that her hospital visit would entail a weekend in hospital, followed by a return to work on Monday, that she took some urgent work into hospital. As she was coming round from the anaesthetic the sister gently explained to her that she had, in fact, had a mastectomy. In retrospect she believes this was the right decision as it meant that she did not have to be awakened from her anaesthetic for discussion of the procedure and she is happy about what happened, though at the time she was quite unsettled. Chemotherapy was suggested but she decided to reject this treatment.

When Evelyn went to the Bristol Cancer Centre she immediately saw that she could help herself. She addressed her diet, going on a very strict regime initially (after five years this relaxed somewhat but she still applies the principles) and received healing from Canon Pilkington. She began to get more involved with supporting new patients and would talk to them and give talks herself, and even accompany patients on their visits to the hospital.

She is fascinated by the mental realm of dealing with cancer and does not see the need to fight it as if it were a battle - as some people do. Her approach is an altogether gentler one. Evelyn expresses the need to 'get rid of baggage, heal memories, deal with low self-image, learning to say no, not allowing oneself to be a doormat and. above all, restoring balance in all areas of life and learning to build on strong foundations. Restoring balance leads to health.'