I'll Help You To

  ~ Get focused & on track

  ~ Grow your business

  ~ Stop procrastinating

 I'm an ADD-savvy Business
 Coach for ADD-ish entre-
to make your
 journey to greater success
 and happiness faster, easier
 & a whole lot more fun . . .
 The ADD-ish way!



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                 Smart?  Disorganized?  Unfocused?

             85% of Entrepreneurs Are ADD-ishTM!

I'm a lifelong entrepreneur and, for most of my life, I thought I was broken - like there was something wrong with me that would always hold me back.  If I could only get it together, then I . . . (Sound familiar???)

Then one day I took an assessment used to profile Adult ADD. I passed with flying colors!

The mystery had been solved! It explained so much of my life. I wasn't alone or broken - my brain is just wired differently.  (Maybe yours is, too?)

I also realized that the majority of my clients have always been ADD-ish.  What a coincidence!

I became a sponge for learning about Adult ADD.  I now share my ADD-ish wisdom with my entrepreneurial coaching clients.  I help them understand how their brains are wired, how to get focused, and how to grow their businesses -
the ADD-ish way.

Good News - Coaching Works!

"coaching - working to help a person get organized and make plans to achieve goals - is one of the most practical and efficient treatments for adults who have ADD . . ." 

Dr. Edward Hallowell, Delivered From Distraction

Since 1992, I've been a Business Coach.  I've worked with all kinds of people from corporate CEOs to solopreneurs starting their first business.  Most of them have been ADD-ish. 

Today I primarily work with ADD-ish entrepreneurs and health/wellness professionals.  Brilliant, creative, want-to-help-change-the-world-somehow people.  They want to understand how to get beyond the challenges of slowing their brains down long enough to actually DO the things they know they're capable of doing!  (Can you relate???)

I offer private as well as group coaching.  Private work is lasered in on your desires, gifts and your unique circum-stances. 

If you want to jumpstart your business in a fun and affordable way, group telecoaching may be perfect for you.  Some people find that group dynamics are really motivating.  I do.

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